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SAPCA Makes Looking for the Best Pest Control Service Simpler


Are you looking for the best pest control service? While, in today’s economy, one may be tempted to just find the cheapest, it is important to consider the possible consequences of an ineffective treatment or of one that is undertaken without sufficient attention to safety.


It is common and valid marketing practice to extol the virtues of a company and its products or services. Unfortunately, however, it is also a failing of human nature to exaggerate on occasions. As a result, we cannot always rely upon the claims of expertise, experience, professionalism, competitive pricing or exceptional performance that we may be confronted with.


Obviously, one may reasonably rely upon recommendations based upon the experiences of friends or neighbours. However, there is also another way in which South Africans can improve the odds of choosing wisely when looking for the best pest control service. SAPCA has been working steadily to upgrade the standard of performance by companies involved in the local industry. What better way to achieve this end than by providing the means to achieve closer liaison and cooperation with the far larger segment of the industry that serves the international community.


Although local research has provided significant advances in this field, our facilities are no match for the combined resources of international researchers. The United States and the European countries are, collectively, responsible for the bulk of all breakthroughs in the development of new and more effective materials and methodologies.


Making such benefits available to local operators acts to raise their level of performance and also makes the task of looking for the best pest control service a great deal simpler. The South African Pest Control Association, has been engaged in this mission since it first began recruiting members. Today, any company that displays the distinctive SAPCA logo can be relied upon to conduct its business in accordance with the highest international standards.


In order to meet the needs of members more effectively SAPCA has since forged a relationship with the largest international body for the industry – the National Pest Management Association or NPMA.  This affiliation has opened the door to news of the latest research within the various fields relating to the profession, along with information regarding the best treatments and safety practices, as well as new and improved products.


Much of this information that has served to improve pest control services and has made looking for the best so much easier, is communicated by means of the Association’s newsletters. However, SAPCA also conducts meetings locally, at which members can compare notes while also advising them with regard to any upcoming international symposia, trade shows and seminars which could prove to be of benefit.


No company with a record of poor service is accepted for SAPCA membership and the body also provides a conduit for any complaints that may be levelled at its members. In such cases, the Association also undertakes to act as a mediator, if the need for intervention should prove necessary.


However, the improved performance due to better education and broader experience means that SAPCA members operate ethically and honour their warranties, minimising complaints and simplifying your search when looking for the best pest control service. 

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