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Maintaining Professional Standards for Pest Control Services in South Africa


There are many companies that claim to offer professional pest control services to home- and business owners in South Africa. It is easy enough to make such a claim but, unfortunately, the fact that a company operates in exchange for a fee, offers no guarantee of its alleged professionalism. Such status results only when having acquired a thorough knowledge of and sound experience in the use of the techniques and materials that are required to perform the relevant procedures both effectively and safely.


There are of course a number of operators within this industry that have been around long enough to become trusted household names, both locally and internationally. This does not, however, mean that their level of performance is not matched by many of those who are less well-known. The nation has, in fact, close to 200 companies that are able to offer equally professional pest control services.


Largely responsible for their high standards is the organisation known as SAPCA or the South African Pest Control Association. The body was first formed in 1964 and was initially intended to act as a voice for the local industry. Following its inception, the focus at SAPCA was soon expanded to include a wide selection of essential support functions designed to benefit all those who choose to apply for membership of the Association. As a direct result of this policy by the Association, the many benefits gained by the members are, in turn, soon reflected in the improved service to their customers.


A more professional approach to pest control services is inevitable among those exposed to the latest research data, and the improved products and technologies that are constantly emerging. This important educational role has been made possible through their affiliation with the National Pest Management Association. As the largest international body associated with this industry, the NPMA also provides the members with access to conferences and seminars, where new ideas may be experienced and discussed with some of the world’s leading experts in one or more of the numerous specialised fields relating to this particularly demanding occupation.


Given the growing concerns over health and safety issues, as well as the need to protect the environment, these topics form an important part in the education of these members. This means that the SAPCA logo marks a company that offers the level of professional pest control services that the South African consumer has the right to expect.


There are many good reasons for choosing to hire a SAPCA member, rather than resorting to the first entry in your local yellow pages. These members are pledged to ethical business practices. You need never fear that a member may be misrepresenting itself and you may also be assured that, as a member of SAPCA, a company will not hesitate to honour the terms of its warranty, in full.


The Association examines complaints from the public regarding the performance of its members and is happy to mediate a satisfactory resolution. The members are required to maintain an exemplary service record in order to be accepted for and to retain SAPCA membership.  Monitoring performance standards and providing the facilities and the opportunities with which to improve them is how SAPCA promotes professional pest control services in South Africa. 

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