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Infestations by Rodents are Best Remedied with Professional Control Measures


When your home is invaded by rodents, basic control measures, such as setting traps purchased from a local hardware store, are often ineffective in freeing it from these voracious household pests. The gnawing habits of rats and mice can cause a considerable amount of physical damage to structures such as cupboards, skirting boards, furniture and even electrical wiring. In addition, these home invaders enjoy dining on the contents of their unwitting host’s larders and will invariably devour more or less anything edible to which they are able to gain access.


Far more serious, however, than a couple of holes in the woodwork,  partly-consumed packet of breakfast cereal or a cupboard riddled with droppings, is the fact that rodents can spread disease. Without effective control, they are able to transmit a number of very unpleasant illnesses to the humans with whom they may be sharing a home, some of which can even prove fatal. Infestations could carry the risk of Salmonella infections, bubonic plague, rat bite fever and Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis, as well as Leptospirosis.


This means that even though these pests may have been eliminated by your trapping efforts, every area that they may have penetrated could, for some time, remain a source of infection. While signs such as droppings are normally visible, their urine is equally infective and less easily spotted.


This is a particularly sound reason for entrusting the task to the skills of a specialist. A trained and qualified technician will perform a thorough cleansing, following the elimination of rodents, as an integral and vital part of the pest control process. That said, of course, it is also important to be certain that any company you may choose is as well-qualified to deal with your infestation problems as it claims to be.


On the local scene, one organisation has undertaken the responsibility of ensuring that those employed in this specialist industry maintain the highest possible standards of efficiency and safety. Although not, in fact, an official regulatory body, the South African Pest Control Association (SAPCA) provides a number of important services in support of its voluntary members. Having first assumed the role of the industry’s voice, it has since become its educator – providing information on the latest international research pertaining, for example, to rodents and their control, as well as highlighting new products and techniques.


Member companies are provided with access to lectures, demonstrations and international forums, at which experiences are exchanged and new trends explored. Companies that display the SAPCA logo can be relied upon for safe and efficient control of rodents and all household pests.

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