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How to be Sure That You Get the Pest Control Experts


It is important to get the best pest control experts if your home or your business premises may have become the site of an infestation. The identity of these unwelcome visitors may vary, depending upon your location, and so too can the possible consequences of their continued presence. Among the most common of the country’s home invaders is the termite, which despite its diminutive size, is responsible for damage to property amounting to hundreds of millions of Rands each year.


One of the main problems with these insects is that the presence of termites will normally remain unnoticed until it is eventually revealed by visible damage to the structure of the infested building. This is also a reason to get the best pest control experts to thoroughly inspect any home that you may consider buying, before you proceed with the purchase.


Even newly erected buildings may be at risk, unless the builder or his appointed sub-contractor has made a thorough job of pre-treating both the foundations, via which entry is normally achieved, and the surrounding area, which is the breeding ground of subterranean termites. Eliminating them and repairing the damage once they have gained a foothold within a building is a far costlier exercise and one that demands greater expertise.


Borer beetles can also take their toll on the wooden beams and joists in your home and, once again, this is a problem that will only be resolved effectively, if you elect to get the best pest control experts involved, rather than risking the false economy of attempting a DIY project on the cheap. Here, the problem is that these pests are present, though dormant, in the timber at the time of construction and may take years to show their presence, and it will often require an experienced and well-qualified inspector to confirm that the grubs are active.


Where rodents are involved, the signs are more readily spotted and the temptation may be to set traps or lay poisoned bait. In practice, neither of these options can be guaranteed to cure the infestation and both of them could be potential health hazards – another good reason why you should get help from the best pest control experts in your area.


How can you ensure that your chosen service provider is reliable? Simply put, when your chosen company is a registered SAPCA member, it is your guarantee that its technicians are trained, experienced and fully acquainted with the latest treatments. You can be sure that they will only use SABS approved agents and that treatments will be conducted in compliance with the highest international safety standards.  The SAPCA logo guarantees that you get the best pest control experts.

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