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Identifying a Dependable Pest Control Company in Cape Town


Finding a good pest control company in Cape Town need actually be no different than when conducting your search anywhere else within the borders of South Africa. Naturally, word of mouth is among the strongest possible recommendations. So, if you have a friend or neighbour that may have had to deal with an infestation in the past, it is probably a good idea to find out how they felt about the service that they received, and then temper your decision based upon their positive or negative experiences.


While the type of infestation that may predominate in any given region does tend to vary, an expert organisation should have all of the skills and experience that are required to cope with most, if not all, of the possible culprits. Even without a favourable referral, there is a way to identify a reliable pest control company in Cape Town or Johannesburg and in most other cities and towns in the Republic.


SAPCA is a nationwide organisation formed initially to serve as a platform for this specialised industry. Since then, however, its purview has expanded considerably and, although it is not an official regulatory body, it does undertake to maintain the same high standards among local service providers as those mandated internationally.


Membership is voluntary and entitles a registered member company to display the organisation’s logo as confirmation of its bona fides. No firm with a record of poor service is granted SAPCA membership and those who are, must undertake to conform to accepted professional standards for a pest control company in Cape Town or elsewhere in the country. Those standards are developed and maintained by means of an ongoing programme conducted by the South African Pest Control Association on behalf of its member companies, who now number close to 281 with more than 55 of these operating in the Western Cape.


Its services to members include keeping them up to date with all of the latest international research in their specialised fields. This is achieved by means of regular newsletters, local and international seminars and relevant trade shows where new technology, new products and the latest equipment are showcased. The task is made more effective through an affiliation with the National Pest Management Association (NPMA), the industry’s largest international association. NPMA now provides certification of the programmes followed by SAPCA members.


Finding a reliable pest control company in Cape Town, then need not be a difficult task as it is, in fact, one that should require no other assurance beyond the evidence of SAPCA membership. All SAPCA member companies undertake to ensure that their technicians are thoroughly “au fait” with the most appropriate treatment to suit any given situation, and that they will be employing the latest proven-effective materials and equipment. Furthermore, the safety of your family, your home and your possessions is always of paramount importance to all of its members.


Integrity is the watchword among SAPCA members. They will make you no promises that they cannot keep, but you can trust that any guarantee that they do offer you will be honoured to the letter. Finally, in the unlikely event that you should have a complaint, SAPCA undertakes to mediate a mutually-agreeable resolution with member pest control companies all over the country, from Cape Town to Louis Trichardt.

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