Reliable Pest Control Company in Sandton

The Value of a Reliable Pest Control Company in Sandton


The need for effective pest control in wealthier suburbs, such as Sandton, is no greater than in most of those in the Greater Johannesburg area or across South Africa in general. However, given the substantially higher prices commended by properties in such areas, the consequences of failing to find a suitably reliable company would be likely to result in a far greater financial impact for the affected homeowner.


A house is the single most expensive investment that the majority of South Africans will ever be called upon to make. To do so, he or she must find an acceptable deposit and borrow capital, to which substantial interest is added and which, on average, will only be repaid after 20 years. Access to professional pest control, whether for a property in Sandton, South Kensington or Selby, could at the time of purchase or at some future date, prove to be a very important part of the overall measures needed to protect that investment.


Today’s home buyers are increasingly seeing the value of seeking certification that their intended purchase is free of pest species, such as these ant-like insects and borer beetles, both of which could present the risk of extensive damage and unwanted expense. In fact, the builder should have adopted suitable measures when laying the foundations of the building to prevent such pest from gaining entry. However, in practice, some are simply more conscientious or perhaps less concerned about their profit margins than others.


Most pest control specialists in Sandton, and elsewhere, will undertake inspections for certification purposes and proof of freedom from infestation may be used as a condition of purchase. While this currently remains an option, there is every chance that it could become a legal requirement at some future date. Whether conducting an inspection for the purpose of issuing a clearance certificate, or undertaking the treatment of an existing infestation, it is essential, in both cases, to establish the skill, experience and integrity of your chosen service provider. Apart from wasting your money, failure to do so, could clearly result in far greater costs and inconveniences.


While the industry has no official regulatory body, finding a reliable pest control company in Sandton or anywhere else in South Africa need not, in fact, present a problem. You could, of course, choose to consult a friend or neighbour who may have experienced a related problem in the past and simply go with his or her recommendation. But, while a word-of-mouth referral can often be of great value, it can offer no guarantee that it will prove to be the best solution in your case.


A far more reliable way in which to identify the best pest control company to treat your Sandton home is undoubtedly to confirm whether or not it is registered with SAPCA. The South African Pest Control Association was established half a century ago, initially as a voice for the industry. Since then, its role has moved to that of support, providing its members with the most up-to-date information regarding advances in methods, materials and safety measures through its affiliation with NPMA, the world’s largest international pest control association. SAPCA registration provides proven-reliable pest control for your Sandton home. 

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