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There may come a time when you need to get hold of a pest control specialist, regardless of where in South Africa you may have chosen to make your home. The prevalence of any given species that could possibly invade your habitat can and does vary, both between the country’s various provinces, and between its coastal and inland areas. Such variations apart, the consequences of any kind of infestation in your living space are almost certain to be unpleasant, and can frequently result in extensive and costly damage.


In the current economic climate, it is becoming increasingly common for consumers to look for cheap solutions to almost any domestic problem in an attempt to save on the cost of hiring a professional. It is also, however, a route that many have since regretted embarking upon.


Instead, the need to get help from pest control specialists is borne out by the simple fact that while most homeowners are able to spot intrusions by rats or mice, they are usually not sufficiently knowledgeable to spot the more subtle early signs of an infestation by borer beetles or termites. This can be a very good reason to arrange for an inspection of your premises, if not before you actually buy it, at least soon after and to repeat the exercise at recommended intervals. Such inspections, when carried out by an experienced professional, can ensure that an incursion by these invasive insects is spotted before any resulting damage becomes extensive and, consequently, more expensive to rectify.


Compared with the potential extent of such expenses, any bill that you may get for services from pest control specialists is likely to appear quite trivial. Consequently, it will pay you to think of such services, not just as another drain on your budget but, rather, as an essential investment in the long-term security and, ultimately, in the value of your home. It may, perhaps, be a chastening lesson to learn that, for those South Africans who choose to eschew such precautions, the total annual cost for repairs to damage caused by termites alone, now adds up to many hundreds of millions of rands. Rising building costs alone will ensure that this figure continues to rise, making it more important than ever that your home does not contribute to this statistic.


To ensure that you get the support of a pest control specialist that can be relied upon fully could involve you doing some research. You will want a company that has trained and experienced technicians who are able to perform a thorough, professional inspection of your home. Then, if required, they must also have the skill and knowledge to compile and implement a safe and effective regimen of treatment, suited to your situation, and that will both rid it of any current infestation, as well as adequately protect it from the risk of any future recurrence.


For such purposes, even one of the more imposing entries in the yellow pages may not carry such reassurance, unless it also happens to confirm that the advertiser is a registered member of SAPCA. This guarantees that the member has no history of unfair trading, and has the skills and knowledge that ensures that you get a thoroughly competent pest control specialist. 

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