Reliable Pest Control Companies in South Africa

The Qualities of Reliable Pest Control Companies in South Africa


When searching for reliable pest control companies, to base your selection solely upon which ones appear to offer the most favourable prices could turn out to be a very costly mistake. Working your way through the yellow pages for operators in your area is likely to be a long job and can still offer no guarantee that you will make the best possible choice.


In practice, if your home or office is overrun by ants, cockroaches, termites or some other forms of pestilence, your main concern should be to find someone who is able to eliminate them effectively and safely, while taking the necessary measures to ensure that your premises are protected against the risk of future invasions. It will thus be the reliable pest control companies, rather than the cut-price variety that will be best able to meet these stringent requirements.


The way that things currently stand, anyone can enter this business armed with nothing more than DIY products available from a local hardware store and with no more specialist knowledge of their use, than that provided by the accompanying instruction leaflets. Given the current economic climate and the shortage of formal employment opportunities, it is a sad fact that this is just one of several skilled tasks that are now being undertaken by amateurs who are hoping to secure an informal living. Often, their only competitive edge will be an irresistible price tag – a fact that should actually serve to trigger your alarm bells.


Before ridding your home of invasive species, reliable pest control companies should first conduct an in-depth inspection and provide you with a report on their findings, as well as a quotation prior to undertaking your project. Although eradication of your infestation is the ultimate aim of their services, your safety and that of your family members, pets and possessions should remain paramount throughout the proceedings, which could involve multiple sessions. The company’s technicians therefore need to be well aware of the potential dangers inherent in the chemicals that they employ, and of the precautions required to protect both their clients and themselves.


There are, of course, one or two service providers who, by virtue of their long service and reputation have become household names and who are thus known to be reliable pest control companies. However, they do not have branches on every street corner, so when searching for a local service, some other dependable means by which to gauge its worth is likely to prove necessary.


In such cases, it is possible to assess its standing through an Association.  SAPCA, the South African Pest Control Association, is an organisation dedicated to assisting its members in maintaining the highest industry standards, both in terms of their ethics and their performance. The local organisation is affiliated to the largest association of its kind, NPMA, which, in turn, certifies the various programmes that are open to the more than 280 SAPCA registered member companies operating locally.


SAPCA provides members with up-to-date information on research, technology and new products on an ongoing basis, while arranging seminars, discussion groups and other educational events. These efforts are aimed at fostering the greater efficiency, more effective results and improved safety standards that are so vital to consumers in search of reliable pest control companies.

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