Professional Termite Control

Only Professional Termite Control Can Guarantee Your Home is Safe


While the cost of eliminating termites with the aid of a pest control specialist may seem steep at the time, it could pale into insignificance, when compared with the potential cost of repairing the damage to your home, when leaving them unchecked or attempting to get rid of them yourself.


We are living in an age in which many do-it-yourself activities have ceased to be hobbies and become economic necessities for many South Africans in the light of the difficulties that the country is still faced with, following a global recession of unprecedented proportions. For many opportunistic operators, the DIY option is serving as a convenient cash cow that allows them to trade on the needs of the less fortunate and to ply them with so-called money-saving solutions that, at best, are often only minimally effective.


Termites, without effective control, are able to feed for years, quite unnoticed, on wooden support structures, such as the joints and roof trusses that are vital to the continued integrity of your home. In time, this could lead to the collapse of such structures and might even result in injury to the occupants. Each year, the national bill for repairs to the damage caused by these stealthy and voracious pests, amounts to hundreds of millions of rands. Sadly, there is little evidence to suggest that the use of the many available DIY remedies is contributing to any significant reduction of these alarming figures.


Apart from their dubious impact on infestations involving termites, such control measures may actually present a risk to their users. Often, highly toxic, most pesticides need careful handling and protective clothing, such as gloves, and masks are a necessity. Their use can also pose a threat to other occupants and, of course, to the family pets.


All in all then, it is likely that home remedies carry both the risk that they may be ineffective and that they could have adverse effects on the user, as well as others that may be exposed to pesticides. As a result, any money apparently saved will very likely prove to be a false economy.


Treatment for termites by a qualified pest control specialist is the sensible choice, but so-called specialists may also not always have the expertise that they claim. How, then, can someone with a home that has become infested ensure that they choose the best company for the job?


The simply answer is to check if the company is registered with SAPCA. This is a body tasked with keeping its members up-to-date with all aspects of their profession, from the latest methodologies, to new products and safety measures. The SAPCA logo is your guarantee of effective termite control.

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