Indoor Pest Control

Indoor Pest Control is a Job Best Left to the Experts


While many household tasks may be tackled as DIY projects, indoor pest control is one that needs to be allocated to those experienced in the specialised methods employed for this purpose. Despite what some manufacturers may claim, there is no handy, one-size-fits all solution in a spray can. Infestations may not only be due to one of the many insects that enjoy the shelter of a building, but may also be due to occupation by members of the rodent population. While there may often be overt signs of the latter in the form of scratching sounds and visible droppings, insects such as borer beetles and termites can wreak havoc, while remaining totally concealed for years.

Garden Pest Control

Effective Garden Pest Control Can Also Prevent Indoor Infestations


Much of the time spent on the control of common garden pests, is aimed at protecting flowers and vegetables from their voracious appetites. Even so, some of these unwelcome visitors may also be able to infest the interior of your home. If any such species are found to be present in the soil, on the basis that prevention is better than cure, it is strongly advisable for a homeowner to consider taking whatever steps may prove necessary to eliminate them.

Pest Control Specialists in Cape Town

Identifying Reliable Pest Control Specialists in Cape Town


When hiring pest control specialists in Cape Town, or any other professional service provider for that matter, we often need to accept their competence on trust. A page of glowing testimonials is reassuring but, short of contacting their authors, we have no guarantee of their authenticity. In the event that we are seeking a mortgage provider, we can now enjoy the reassurance of knowing that we are dealing with a company that is registered with the financial services board and bound by its codes. Likewise, the NHBRC logo guarantees us a home builder that is bound by a similar set of regulations. So what assurances can a consumer expect when in need of a company to rid his or her home of cockroaches or termites?

Pest Control Products

Use of Pest Control Products Best Left to the Professionals


Pest control products vary widely in both nature and use. Their action also varies and may be biological, chemical or physical in nature. Those methods that are based on biological principles still tend to be confined to the realm of the horticulturist and the farmer. They involve such actions as the introduction of competing or predatory species. However, where the problem of infestation occurs in the home or some other inhabited structure, the use of pesticides and various forms of traps will constitute the most common chemical and physical approaches.

Pest Control Experts

The Importance of Dealing Only With Registered Pest Control Experts


Whether applied to pest control or web development, the term expert is one that is widely flaunted and yet, frequently, many of those who do so turn out to be sadly lacking in this proclaimed expertise. So what exactly is implied by this much sought-after if sometimes misleading label? Clearly it cannot simply be the product of lengthy experience in a given field as this could infer little more than an artisan or a company that has continued to maintain the same level of mediocre performance for several decades.

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