Biological Pest Control

Biological Pest Control Methods Could Offer a Safer Solution


There are numerous examples of biological pest control methods in nature. Wherever there is a danger that the population of a given species could become excessive, there will almost invariably be predators in the same vicinity that act to control their numbers and ensure a balance that suits all species forced to thrive in the common environment.

Pest Control Methods

Pest Control Methods Commonly Employed in South Africa


The term pest control is a broad one and the methods used for this type of activity are numerous and, understandably, they need to be chosen with care so as to be maximally effective against the given species responsible for each specific type of infestation. The insects that may qualify for this title can best be described as anything living whose continued presence on one’s premises may result in risk or damage to property or health. Such unwelcome tenants could include anything from a mosquito to a mouse or a roach.

Borer Beetle Control

Effective Borer Beetle Control Could Save Your Home


The damage caused around the globe by the borer beetle is vast and only effective control measures have served to prevent these infestation assuming epidemic proportions. In the woodworking industry, the common term for these pests is woodworm and most assume this to imply a single species while, in fact, it actually covers numerous families and species of insect. One thing these otherwise divergent species have in common is that in both their larval or adult stages and sometimes both, they have an insatiable and almost totally indiscriminate appetite for wood.

Beetle Inspection

A Professional Beetle Inspection is a Sensible Precaution


In addition to the mandatory certificate of electrical compliance, some banks and insurers may require that a beetle inspection is carried out on any property that it offered for sale, prior to initiating transfer to a new owner. Only upon the receipt of a clearance certificate from a registered inspector that declares the premises in question to be clear of such infestation, will a mortgage be granted and the transferring attorneys be in a position to proceed with registration formalities.

Pest Control Gauteng

The Extensive Need for Effective Pest Control in Gauteng


Any creature whose presence in the home may cause inconvenience, damage or a serious health risk may reasonably be described as a pest and control measures by a professional will frequently prove necessary. Gauteng, as the most heavily populated province of South Africa, has a continuous need for such services even though its climatic conditions may not be as tropical as that of KwaZulu-Natal, for instance.

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