Pest Control Centurion

Improving the South African Pest Control Industry from Centurion


Few industries are without their share of cowboys and, unfortunately, pest control is no exception although, in Centurion, one organisation has dedicated its efforts to upgrading the performance and the reputation of this very important service industry. In fact, infestation by rodents and all manner of insects is responsible, every year, for millions of Rands in damage, illness and various material or business losses across the country.

Find Pest Control Gauteng

Find a Reliable Pest Control Company in Gauteng


Membership of SAPCA, the South African Pest Control Association located in Gauteng offers the best way to find a company that is equipped to offer both reliable and safe service within this large and essential industry. Since our organisation was first established in 1964, we have continued to grow its membership steadily as a part of our ongoing quest to ensure that South African companies engaged in this vital task are kept fully up to date with all of the progress in the technology required for the safe and effective elimination of household and commercial infestations.

Wood Borer Treatment

Finding an Effective Wood Borer Treatment in South Africa


Woodworm is a term used to describe infestation of timber by larvae of the wood borer beetle and requires prompt and effective treatment if those items that have been affected are to remain serviceable. In fact, the name applies to several different species of beetle all of which are a threat to any wooden structures within a building as well as to furniture. Among the species commonly responsible for those tiny little holes in that old rocking chair or skirting board are the ambrosia, common furniture, death watch and longhorn beetles as well as the weevil.

Termites Control

Termites under Control to Safeguard Your Property


In most parts of South Africa the chance of an infestation by termites is a very real one and, accordingly, the availability of a pest control operator can often be crucial. Typically, the damage caused by these relatively small insects will tend to remain totally undetected until it is extensive enough to become visible and the consequences for an owner can prove to be both disruptive and costly.

Pest Control Specialists Johannesburg

The Mark of Reliable Pest Management Companies in Johannesburg


There are quite a number of pest Management Companies from which to choose in Johannesburg but, while some may prove to be highly reliable, their unfortunate experiences have taught many consumers that this is certainly not the case with all of them. The act of sorting the wheat from the chaff might have been quite a tough one were it not for the existence of an organisation that is busily engaged in upgrading and maintaining the performance of these very necessary service providers.

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