Pest Control Durban

Reliable Pest Control Measures Vital to Protect Durban Homes


Pest control measures are even more important in Durban and other coastal towns and cities of South Africa than in the country’s inland areas. The climatic conditions that prevail in the nation’s seaside areas are more conducive to their survival and such conditions will invariably give rise to greater diversity also. Of all the creatures that may choose to invade our homes, the one for which the KwaZulu-Natal capital is perhaps best known has to be the cockroach.

Soil Poisoning

Builders and Buyers Need To Ensure Effective Soil Poisoning


Physical barriers and other methods may be used in combination with soil poisoning. However, the latter remains one of the most commonly-applied and effective ways in which to protect a home from the damage that may result due to an infestation of subterranean termites. Ideally this is a task undertaken by the builder as a pre-treatment prior to commencing construction. All too often however, a builder will elect not to incur the additional operating expense of such treatment and may either decide to omit the procedure altogether or perhaps to provide only the most cursory protection.

Rodents in South Africa

Rodents in South Africa Present a Variety of Potential Dangers


There are three main species of rodents regarded as pests in South Africa - the black rat, the Norway rat and the house mouse.  Although physical sightings of these may be relatively rare in many areas, their numbers are, nevertheless, prolific. It has been calculated that thirty rats are born during each second of the day, compared with just one human baby. Among the vertebrates, these creatures are rated as only second to the human race in terms of their destructive abilities. So, if your property should become infested, there is clearly a need for some prompt remedial action.

Pest Control Cape Town

Finding a Reliable Pest Control Company in Cape Town


There are many people who believe that pest control measures should be applied to the baboons that assail motorists and homeowners in some areas bordering Cape Town. However, the more serious and considerably more widespread threat lies not with these mischievous old world monkeys and their kleptomaniac ways, but with numerous other and far smaller species and their insatiable appetites.


Household Pests – Their Potential Consequences and Their Elimination


At some time, everyone comes into contact with a variety of household pests. What could be more of a nuisance during the summer, for instance, than the incessant buzzing of mosquitos around your ears when you are trying to sleep – not to mention the intense itching that invariably follows their bite once you’ve finally dozed off?  A procession of ants leading from the garden to a poorly sealed pot of your favourite jam can be equally irritating especially if they end up embedded in the contents. Who has not, at some time, opened a packet of mielie-meal only to find it crawling with weevils?

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