Pest Control Randburg

The Need for Pest Control in Randburg


When examining the need for pest control, whether in Randburg or elsewhere in South Africa, it is surprising just how extensive these services often need to be. Most locals will, at some time, have experienced the odd encounter with cockroaches, termites, a hornet’s nest or even an occasional rat and will have most likely tackled such problems with a rolled-up newspaper, a commercial pesticide spray or a suitable trap as appropriate. However, where there’s a serious infestation, more stringent measures will be required and these should be left to a professional pest management operator.

Pest Control Companies

Pest Control Companies in South Africa


As a home owner, you want to be able to control and eliminate pests in your home. This, however, is not always easy, which is why you should work with pest control companies that can assist you in finding the perfect solution for your needs, while considering the environment around you as well. 

Centurion Pest Control

Pest Control Services in Centurion


Pest control might sometimes be necessary, especially if you have a pest in your home that you simply cannot get rid of. There are many Centurion pest control companies available and it is always recommended to work with a professional team that has experience in the different options and solutions available to you. 

Pest Control Services

Professional Pest Control Services


Pest control services will provide you with various options if you want to rid your home of pests, depending on your location and your unique situation. Since it might require you to use a variety of chemicals in your home, it’s a wise idea to choose to work with an experienced pest control services provider in your area. 

Rodenticides - Part 2


Anticoagulant rodenticides are absorbed through the gut and work by preventing the normal clotting of blood, leading to fatal haemorrhage. Their main effect is in the liver where they inhibit production of the enzyme Vitamin K Epoxide Reductase, so that Vitamin K cannot be recycled or regenerated by the body.

There are four clotting proteins that require the presence of Vitamin K.  Without Vitamin K, these are not formed and the blood cannot clot. As a consequence the animal dies of internal bleeding.

Haemostasis is the process by which mammals stop bleeding when an injury to the vascular tissue occurs. There are two key processes involved,platelets and the coagulation cascade.

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