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When it comes to effectively controlling pests in your home, there are many different options that you can go for and this includes a variety of products and chemicals to use. If you are not experienced in this, it might be best to leave this to someone who specialises in pest control in Johannesburg, as they know how to work with various pests and how to choose the best product for every home and environment.

Pest Control Specialists

Pest Control Specialists at Your Service


There might come a time when you realise that you are struggling with pests in your home. This can be anything from termites and ants, to cockroaches and rats. It is not always easy getting rid of these pests on your own, which is why pest control specialists might be the best option to go for.

Out, damn pest

Traditionally, methyl bromide has been used to eradicate pests.
But the use of this ozone depleting gas is quickly being phased out and causing a few more holes in its absence.

When to call in the professionals

If your pest infestation is serious, it may be time to call in the professionals. “Homeowners can look for a reputable pest control company on our website (

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