Get the Pest Control Experts

How to be Sure That You Get the Pest Control Experts


It is important to get the best pest control experts if your home or your business premises may have become the site of an infestation. The identity of these unwelcome visitors may vary, depending upon your location, and so too can the possible consequences of their continued presence. Among the most common of the country’s home invaders is the termite, which despite its diminutive size, is responsible for damage to property amounting to hundreds of millions of Rands each year.

Rodents Control - Infestations by Rodents

Infestations by Rodents are Best Remedied with Professional Control Measures


When your home is invaded by rodents, basic control measures, such as setting traps purchased from a local hardware store, are often ineffective in freeing it from these voracious household pests. The gnawing habits of rats and mice can cause a considerable amount of physical damage to structures such as cupboards, skirting boards, furniture and even electrical wiring. In addition, these home invaders enjoy dining on the contents of their unwitting host’s larders and will invariably devour more or less anything edible to which they are able to gain access.

Professional Pest Control Services

Maintaining Professional Standards for Pest Control Services in South Africa


There are many companies that claim to offer professional pest control services to home- and business owners in South Africa. It is easy enough to make such a claim but, unfortunately, the fact that a company operates in exchange for a fee, offers no guarantee of its alleged professionalism. Such status results only when having acquired a thorough knowledge of and sound experience in the use of the techniques and materials that are required to perform the relevant procedures both effectively and safely.

Looking for the Best Pest Control Service?

SAPCA Makes Looking for the Best Pest Control Service Simpler


Are you looking for the best pest control service? While, in today’s economy, one may be tempted to just find the cheapest, it is important to consider the possible consequences of an ineffective treatment or of one that is undertaken without sufficient attention to safety.

Outdoor Pest Control

Why Effective Outdoor Pest Control Can Be So Important


It is easy to overlook the importance of outdoor pest control, dismissing the need with a sort of “out of sight, out of mind” indifference. The reality though, is that failure to deal with some of these species could result in some unpleasant consequences. A classic example is the mosquito. Although malaria remains a relative rarity within our borders, the local relatives of the potential carriers are able to inflict a great deal of discomfort, particularly upon those who may be more sensitive to the irritant digestive juices that they secrete in order to aid their bloodsucking efforts.

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